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Recommendations that last forever


Francois Locoh-Donou,

"I said that I get my inspiration from people earlier, and you are one person who inspires me.


I believe that organizations, no matter how big they are, are built around people who are passionate about something, and who are willing to take the risks to expose themselves and share their opinions and be their trueselves in the organization.


The rest of us gravitate around these people, and you are one person like that, Perry.


That is an inspiration for me."

Alon Gal

Alon gal,
Toot Communication & Results CEO

"They once said that is was a great shame to be gay - remember these days?


I want to tell you that if any of my children were gay and receive a tenth of this man kindness, I will say thank God for the privilege I have received, that these are my children."


Takele Mekonen,
Tech-Career CEO

Thank you, Perry, 
for the professionalism, 

for your understanding as a worldview of the meaning of DIVERSITY - multiculturalism for social resilience, especially in these predatory days that the country is going through,

and for your engagement for the promotion of marginalized populations for integration into the hi-tech world.


Karen Schlaien, 
Tech Operation Manager, Payoneer

Perry, I’m so thankful and proud to be part of your amazing initiative creating and leading the iLead Coaching program in F5 Inc.

Full of energy, creativity and professionalism, during the sessions, you brought to our colleagues a new perspective and vision to their lives and coached them how to define and achieve their goals.

I will join our CEO words, “Perry, you are a true inspiration”

Karen Schlaien recommends Coach Perry
Matrix Devops GM, Assaf Kivity, recommends Coach Perry

Assaf Kivity, 
General Manager, Matrix Devops

Coach Perry!


Thank you for facilitating a groundbreaking and outstanding lecture during our Agile Conference.


We learned a lot from you about Scrum and how Coaching can leverage Agile transformation in corporations.


Alexander Luria,
Full Stack Engineer, Tricentis

I have completed a full coaching course with Perry. I can definitely say it was a life-changing experience.


I have dug up my motivation and goals. Brushed them up and started to act. Once I started that 10-week process things started to come my way. I got a promotion. Overcame my fear of missing out and adopted my mojo!


Starting from the first session I got assignment and execution schedule and the main thing Perry held me accountable for my actions. Moreover, I started to take care of my own accountability and goal settings.


Thank you, Perry. It was a great ride! 

Alexander Luria recommends Coach Perry
Merav Meisler, senior scrum master, recommends Coach Perry

Merav Meisler, 
Agile Coach & Senior Scrum Master, Cisco

Perry is a unique person, even as a developer he was always insightful and wise, coaching everyone around him.


While he was the Pride Employee Inclusion Group leader in F5 he brought everybody together with the power of his personality and charisma.


He is always there with an encouraging word and his contagious smile, making it easy for us to bond and enjoy the many activities he organized for us.


It is a pleasure to see him fulfil his dream, and help others do the same, as a professional coach.

Guy Nir,
Senior Manager, NVIDIA

Perry is a great person to work with, and I am sure he will succeed in any task that he takes on.

I had the pleasure of working with Perry for about 7 years at F5 Networks. For me, Perry is much more than a co-worker - he became a true friend whom I can rely on, time after time.

Perry proved to be a true professional with his technical skills, work ethic, interpersonal talent, and pleasant attitude toward his colleagues.
At times that we had critical issues, I had peace of mind when I knew things are in the hands of Perry - I knew the problems would be solved, as they did.

I know his tech capabilities are less relevant in his new career. Still, his work ethic, diligence, motivation to do things the right way, enthusiasm to learn and develop in new areas, and most importantly, his desire to help others - all these are wonderful characteristics of Perry and are highly valuable.

Guy Nir, Senior Manager in NVIDIA, recommends Coach Perry
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