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Career Transformation Interview

Updated: Jul 11

A few days ago I had the honor to be interviewed by one of the most brilliant people I know about my career transformation from engineer to coach. I first met Scott De Buitléir when I founded the Pride employee inclusion group for my previous, and last, employer.

Almost immediately I realized that I found the best partner to build the EMEA group, and boy was I right! Scott is smart, sharp, and kind, with a mission in his heart to help underrepresented groups and diminish discrimination of all kinds. Recently Scott created #Recalibrate, an interview-based podcast series that takes a look at how we connect with ourselves, and our communities, and how we overcome insecurities and other challenges and asked to interview me about my career change. It took me 5 seconds to decide that I am in, and I said Yes to Scott!

Scott is the best interviewer! He made me feel very comfortable, open, and secure. His questions were smart and encouraged me to share as much as I can. During the interview, I even learned a few things that I wasn't aware of before! So, without further ado, you are welcome to listen to this interview, and take a look into one of the biggest journeys of my life!

Coach Perry

Corporate Coach for employee engagement and diversity and inclusion

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