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Our core values as a business are tightly connected to social impact that aims to help under-represented groups. 

As such we strive to achieve our goals from both sides - the business and the community. While we provide businesses with the required tools and models to incorporate diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we also take action to help the other side of the coin: the people themselves. 

Here you can find all of our efforts for the community most of which we do in a volunteering manner. If you would like to join one of these initiatives please contact us. 

Coaching 911 In Times Of Global Crisis

We are living in a world in which unfortunately crises can happen anytime, anywhere. Some of these crises have a huge impact on our communities and require us to be more involved in assisting.

Our initiative "Coaching 911" aims to create a space in which people who are affected by a global crisis can discreetly share their thoughts and feelings for free during a coaching session. 

>>> Click here to learn more.

Coaching 911
DEI During War and Crisis

We were chosen by the Israel Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to join their initiative to help companies and organizations that have diverse teams consisting of Arabs and Jews.

Our goal was to help their diversity and inclusion teams to lay the foundations for the communication between the team members in times of crisis to resolve conflicts and improve the business resilience. 

War and Crisis
Facebook Community Dealing With Loneliness

Diversity and inclusion aims to strengthen the employee's sense of belonging. The "dark" side of belonging is loneliness, and when DEI is not implemented correctly we encounter people who feel lonely.


We have an active Facebook community that helps people deal with loneliness. The community has more than 11K members, most of whom are in Israel. The group was created at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. We facilitate various activities and support the members in times of challenge. 

>>> To join our community click here.

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