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coaching program

Build true leaders from your managers and employees

Program name: iLead Coaching Program

Duration: 10 workshops of 2 hours each

Main Category: Coaching, Leadership

Audience: Managers & Employees

The iLead Coaching Program aims to encourage, build and cultivate the leadership capabilities and skills of managers and employees using tools and insights from the Coaching world.

The program includes 2 main circles:


10 Coaching Workshops

The topics covered in the workshops are essential coaching topics, meant to empower, strengthen, and cultivate leadership skills. During these workshops, we will host guests for a short interview about Leadership in what is called DNA Session.


One-on-one Coaching Sessions

The 1-1 coaching sessions are personal on-demand meetings. The sessions are meant to leverage how the individual absorbs and implements the material covered in the workshops and assist coachees facing dilemmas during the process.

To see the complete syllabus of the iLead Program

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About The Presenter: Coach Perry

Coach Perry is a corporate coach and a software engineer with 30 years of experience in the tech industry.

In 2019 Perry created a special coaching program that aims at providing managers and employees with the required tools and insights to lead projects and initiatives in their jobs. 

Coach Perry


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