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Engage your employees by helping them get their own goals

Coaching Program: Employee Coaching

Duration: 1 hour

Main Category: Coaching

Audience: Employees

What is the best way to engage your employees?

It is no secret anymore that when employers take care of their employees outside the limits of the workplace, the employees are more engaged and their sense of belonging increases. 

Mindfulness, flexible work hours and days, flexible work locations, wellness days, and more are now a thing of routine in many companies. 

Coaching can help your employees find what makes them feel fulfilled and happy, what makes them feel meaningful, and align that with their contribution to the workplace.

About Coach Perry

Coach Perry is a corporate coach and a software engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the corporate world.

Coaching for every employee is Perry's vision to help employees deal with the wear out of working in a highly demanding workplace. 

Coach Perry


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