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Coaching 911

Coach Perry response in times of global crisis

We are living in a world in which unfortunately crises can happen anytime, anywhere. Some of these crises have a huge impact on our communities and require us to be more involved in assisting. The COVID-19 outbreak, the Russia-Ukraine war, and global layoffs are only a few examples of such crises, that require global engagement. 

Our initiative "Coaching 911" aims to create a space in which people who are affected by a global crisis can discreetly share their thoughts and feelings for free during a coaching session. In these sessions, the coach will lend a sympathetic ear, help the coachee ventilate, and figure out what is the best way to deal with the crisis.

Important notes:

* This initiative operates intermittently.

* The coaching sessions are free.

* There is a limited number of coaching sessions available.

* The session is online using Zoom.

* Sessions are either in English or Hebrew.

* You have to book your time slot via our booking system.

* You can only book 1 session as part of this initiative.

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