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Diversity And Inclusion
In The Workplace
Adding Color To Your Workplace


Studies show that organizations that implement diversity and inclusion processes correctly, strengthen the resilience of the business and increase their profits by up to 20%.


Diversity and inclusion processes promote an inclusive organizational culture where everyone feels they belong. Belonging significantly strengthens the employees' engagement and allows them to demonstrate creativity in their work and thus generate a significant business advantage.

You are invited to book an introductory meeting with us and examine the various methods for implementing diversity and inclusion processes in your organization.

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At Perry Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace, we help organizations enhance their employees' sense of engagement and belonging with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).


Get a glimpse of what we can do to help your organization step to the next level. 

We offer DE&I implementation strategies, groundbreaking lectures, workshops for teams, and coaching programs for managers and employees.  All to provide your company with the necessary tools to create a more diverse, inclusive, and resilient organization.



What's getting a great deal of attention

Recent years show that our reality is characterized by major crises. What should organizations do to strengthen their resilience during times of crisis? And what does Diversity and Inclusion have to do with it? Read the following article to find out:

occupational diversity during war


Coach Perry Testimonials | Karen Schlaien

Karen Schlaien,

Full of energy, creativity and professionalism, during the sessions, you brought to our colleagues a new perspective and vision to their lives and coached them how to define and achieve their goals.

Takele Mekonen

Takele Mekonen, 
Tech-Career CEO

Thank you for your engagement to the promotion of marginalized populations for integration into the hi-tech world.

Coach Perry Testimonials | Francois Locoh-Donou

Francois Locoh-Donou,

I get my inspiration from people, Perry, and you are one person who inspires me.

Coach Perry Testimonials | Merav Meizler

Merav Meizler,
Agile Coach

Perry is a unique person, even as a developer he was always insightful and wise, coaching everyone around him.

  • What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)?
    Diversity, Equity and inclusion in the workplace is the science and art of integrating people from different backgrounds, religions, gender, sexual orientation, cultures, abilities and more in the workplace in such way that everyone feels they belong.
  • Why implement DEI policy and processes in the Workplace?
    Research shows that organizations that implement Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace can increase their revenue by up to 20%. Additionally, Diversity and Inclusion is one of the few topics that triggers a meaningful social impact.
  • Who can incorporate DEI in the Workplace?
    Any business can begin its Diversity and Inclusion journey. Whether the object of influence it is the organization's employees, or its customers, or its suppliers, any organization that implements Diversity and Inclusion will benefit from the fruits of its efforts.
  • How can DEI increase the organizational resilience?
    DEI helps building strong relationships between the team members in spite of their differences. During times of crisis these strong relationships prove themselves and diverse teams are quicker in getting back to productive work.
  • How can DEI enhance employee's sense of belonging?
    DEI is all about acceptance. When your employees learn to accept their colleagues for who they are, they feel at home.
  • Can I do it myself?
    Yes, to some extent! Implementation of DEI policy in your organization is tied to the organization's DNA and culture, which you are the master of. Setting up the strategy is in your hands; however, you might need some help in other areas such as professional lectures about DEI, hands-on workshops for teams, and mentoring and coaching for you and your employees.
  • Is it an on-going effort?
    Yes. DEI is an on-going effort of learning and development of new processes and approaches. As much as it is challenging it is fascinating as well.
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