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Become the authentic storyteller you are

Workshop name: Storytelling Workshop

Duration: 2.5 hours

Main Category: Coaching

Audience: Everyone

We all have opportunities to speak with someone throughout our working day. 

It could be an audience in a company meeting,

A presentation on zoom,

Or even a one-on-one opportunity. 

Whatever venue it may be, a good tool you should have in your hand is Storytelling. Using the skills of a storyteller you can truly reach people and help them understand your message. 

Our Storytelling Workshop will not only provide you with the technics and knowledge, but it will also give you a Coaching Boost to become the authentic storyteller you are.

About The Presenter: Coach Perry

Coach Perry is a corporate coach and a software engineer with a clear agenda to create more diverse and inclusive spaces in the corporate world.


Equipped with experience as international Pride Co-Chair, DEI Project Manager, and his own personal story, Perry built a DEI program that will engage your organization and its employees. 

Coach Perry


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