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Why Scrum
Is Not Enough

Scrum "secret" to success

Lecture name: Why Scrum is not Enough

Duration: 1 hour

Main Category: Coaching

Audience: Managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Scrum Teams

You know the drill, right?

The organization is going through an Agile Transformation.

Managers understand the business benefits 

and instruct their teams to move to Scrum.

At first, the employees do their best to comply, but then they realize the prices they need to pay and become more reluctant. The process wears them down, and they find themselves fulfilling Scrum ceremonies while constantly complaining. 

In "Why Scrum Is Not Enough" lecture you will understand why is it happening and what can you do about it!

About The Presenter: Coach Perry

Coach Perry is a corporate coach and a software engineer with a clear agenda to create more diverse and inclusive spaces in the corporate world.

Equipped with experience as a software engineer and Scrum Master, Coach Perry built a program that will help you build a team that enjoy and love Scrum.

Coach Perry


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