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Perry and Chen Glickman are hosting lonely members of the LGBT+ community

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

In my work as a coach, I touch a lot on loneliness issues in the LGBT+ Community, in the background of the Digital age we are in. Interview at "Hasharon Junction" Newspaper on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and in the background of the COVID-19 Outbreak

Perry Glickman, 47, from Herzliya, is married to Chen and together they are a family of two fathers - two fathers to 9-year-old Noa and 4-year-old Daniel. Chen Glickman, 43, and Perry met 14 years ago when over the years they went through a surrogacy process in the United States. Tonight they host both families - Chen's brother and sister alongside Perry's two sisters. The holiday table also includes the grandparents on both sides. The Glickman family hosts most holidays, and this time as well, when Chen's family comes from Herzliya and Perry's from Netanya.

משפחת גליקמן שבתאי

Perry, what's expected on the menu? "Chen and I are more in charge of the decor, and the families of the menu. First-course Gefilte Fish, second-course Kneidlech soup, main course meat, and chicken. Last course compote." What is most recommended? "Kneidlech soup! I really like it on any festive occasion."

What is your strongest memory from Rosh Hashanah? "On Rosh Hashanah 2012, we celebrated with all our families and friends the birth of our daughter Noa, but not only that. We celebrated the end of the moving journey we went through in order to create our family and become fathers. Although it was two days before the Jewish New Year's Eve, it was our own celebration of something new that happened to us - we became a family. "

What makes this holiday special to you? "This year we intend to open our doors and host individuals from the LGBT+ community. In my work as a coach, I touch a lot on loneliness issues in the LGBT+ community in the background of the digital age we are in. I also manage a Facebook group on this issue for the whole population."

What do you think is the significant impact of the corona on the holiday? "The corona and lockdowns made us appreciate more what we have now. They made us appreciate the time we spend with our loved ones - the holidays, Fridays, the walks, the laughs, and the joy. We are full of excitement to see everyone on the eve of the holiday and invite people to our holiday table and Individuals from the LGBT+ community and share the love with them. After all, we are all one living human tissue!"

Coach Perry

Corporate Coach for employee engagement and diversity and inclusion

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