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3 Coaching Tips That Make A Real Difference

Updated: Apr 9

If you are in the coaching business, and probably even if you are not, you heard about Tony Robbins, who is also referred to as "The Father Of The Coaching Industry". If you wish to learn more about Tony, you should look him up on Google! Recently I participated in one of Tony's bestseller workshops called UPW (Unleash The Power Within), and I have some great TIPS for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

I got to know Tony better during the COVID-19 outbreak. At that time I was jogging a lot in the park near my house to ventilate and breathe fresh air as many of us did. I used to hear music on YouTube during those jogging sessions, and one time YouTube decided to play a short video of Tony explaining how to control your mind and feelings. Needless to say that this was like pure oxygen in those days of fear and quarantines. Tony's speaking skills and content lured me to continue listening to more and more of his videos.

I learned so much from Tony. I knew exactly what he was talking about, and I understood the great value he was offering. After a while, I decided to join one of Tony's online seminars called "Become Unshalebale", and even had a chance to speak with him about my business challenges. If you wish to see this, click here:

That short conversation with Tony shifted something in my mind, and I was happy. Not long after I heard that Tony was planning to conduct his UPW seminar in England, so I bought a ticket and made all the arrangements. I was very excited.

There were 12,000 participants in this 4-day seminar in Birmingham, England. It was overwhelming to see this amount of people (and the queues as well...). My DEI (Diversity, equity, and inclusion) "lenses" were very active seeing all the human diversity in the hall: cultural diversity, racial diversity, religious diversity, age diversity, gender diversity, people with disabilities, and so forth.

Tony's staff was all over the venue, doing anything they could to lift the audience's spirit to a new peak. I explicitly remember getting 14 high fives from the entrance and to my seat. The room was equipped with huge screens just like in any other big star performance. Everything was screaming "huge event". Here is a short video to help you understand what was going on there:

When Tony started to speak, I believe it took about 4 hours until he stopped for a short recess, and the thing is that I did not feel the time had passed. His staff calls it "Tony's Time", which means no specific start time, no specific end time, and no clue for how time flies. During his sessions, we were often asked to stand and dance/jump (I will explain why in the first tip below).

Throughout the seminar, there were a lot of guided imagery sessions and what is called "priming" or "re-wiring" to help the audience immerse themselves in the unique process of unleashing the power inside. These guided sessions were accompanied by beautiful sounds that empowered the experience.

All-in-all it was a unique experience that did the trick! The "big man", as one of his partners calls him, delivered big time!

There was a lot of important coaching stuff to learn there. So I decided to write down 3 major important coaching tips that I believe have the greatest chance of creating a major difference in anyone's life. Here we go:

This is undoubtedly the most significant message of the seminar. We all know how one looks when they are in a low state (shoulders down, head bent, face loose, etc.) and in a high state (shoulders up, head straight, face stretched, etc.). What Tony revealed is that we can use our bodies to change our state in the sense that if we feel down we still can control how our bodies move. Changing the way we move will change our state correspondingly.

We all have our own unique limiting beliefs such as, "I'm stupid", "I'm weak" and so forth. Coaching helps people to get rid of these beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. Tony outstandingly did that and helped 12,000 people simultaneously to change them. He used a smart process of re-wiring the way we feel about our limiting beliefs, and then it was easy to toss them away and foster new positive ones.

According to Tony in today's world being excellent is not enough in the sense that it will lead to only good results. If you wish to be more successful you will need to be outstanding. The good news is that "outstanding" is only a short distance from "excellent". The become outstanding you need to master one thing that the rest in your field of expertise do not master.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to take part in this seminar not only because of the experience I went through but also because as a Corporate Coach, I now have a few additional impactful tools to make a real difference for my clients.

Coach Perry

Corporate Coach for employee engagement and diversity and inclusion

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